How often should you groom your dog?

A typical estimation is between six and eight weeks as regular, visits rehydrate doggy skin and reduce skin allergies. Dogs absorb allergens through skin as well and oil, dirt, and sand build up in their coats that not only cause terrible odors but also collect on the carpets of your home and furniture. We usually recommend that your pre-book an appointment when w drop off your dog or when you pick him up. This way you will not forget to bring in your dog and we give you a call a day prior to your appointment.

Could you stay with your dog?

We prefer and recommend that you are not present during the grooming process. Apart from the space restrictions do we want to remind you that a groomer works with sharp tools and when you dog spots you, they will typically get excited and put up a struggle to get to you. This could be a dangerous situation, therefore do we request your understanding and still assure you that your dog is safe and in excellent hands.

How do we dry our dogs?

This is a commonly asked question and an important one to ask any groomer you take your pet to. We only use no-heat dryers, fans, and towels to dry all pets and no cage dryers.

How long does the grooming take?

We try our best to work as fast as possible and get your dog done especially if you are waiting for it. We start as soon as you drop off your pet and it takes a maximum of three hours.

Are we grooming hard-to-handle pets?

We do groom hard-to-handle pets with love and caution and utmost patience, but when it is an extremely difficult animal that takes much longer to groom, our charges increase s we charge per time of grooming and the groomer has to be compensated for time spent on the animal.

Do we groom cats?

We do groom cats and have two cat groomers in our service who is excellent in grooming cats beautifully.

Do we kennel pets?

For the safety of your own pets and those of others do we not kennel pets. Dog behavior is often easily changed and we cannot allow pets to walk around the salon and we keep dogs in the kennel only for short period after we did the grooming and wait for you to collect it or our driver to deliver it to your home.

Do we sedate your pet?

We assure you that no pet is ever sedated, and we request that you advise us when dropping off your pet, if it has strong behavioral reactions towards bathing or grooming. An uncomfortable or truly uncooperative dog might cause us to end the process, but never sedation.