About Us

We are a full-service bath, grooming and pet spa for both dogs and cats and even give sound advice on nutrition from our pet expert nutritionist. We have five professional dog groomers, two professional cat groomers and a staff of expert trained assistants.

We have more than sixteen years of experience in pet grooming between us and we take immense pride in what we do. We know it is not possible for anyone to love your beloved pet-child as much as you do, but at Daralandalus, we come a very close second.

We are situated right next to the veterinarian so we guarantee even further peace of mind to you. Should anything ever happen to your pet during our care, not from our side, but natural causes, medical help is readily available.

We use only the very best high-quality products in our salon from the shampoos conditioners and the treatments, dental care and related products we use the best. If you should be interested in using some of our products you are welcome to talk to one of the staff in ordering your special treatment for the in between times when you pet is at home. We also educate people on how to do regular dental care at home and you are welcome to order dental sprays, brushes and paste from us too.

What to expect

Our aim is to give you and your pet the expert care that you both deserve. We will welcome you from the minute you walk through our door with our friendly and professional staff who aim to get to know your dog well enough so that he or she could call him or her by name each time.

Warmth and friendliness with staff who loves your dog nearly as much as you do. Each one of us working here is a pet owner and have a deep and genuine love for animals. When we treat your pet, we do so with love and genuine concern and your dog is treated with respect and kindness. Trbet