Why Use Us?

  • Any breed welcome – no pets have to miss out
  • Calm and friendly staff and atmosphere in our grooming salon
  • Full attention and lots of love with one-on-one treatment

We know how to treat any condition or problem efficiently; have you figured out how to resolve the annoying hotspot on your German Shepard. What about the wrinkles on your adorable Pug? Have you wondered about your Bearded Collie’s skin condition under all that fur? What about the disheveled mess of wiry, stray hairs of your Schnauzer? In addition, the mess of tangles that is actually your beloved Yorkey.

We know that grooming is related in many ways to great health. Matted coats not only hide, but also aggravate loads of skin conditions. Many of those would potentially cause serious health problems. Dogs with dental issues, flat faces, protruding eyes, furry paw pads, floppy ears, skin fold and more all need special treatment, care and grooming. We provide all that and much more to your four-legged-children of any size or specialty.

You understand human bathing and grooming perfectly, however do you understand how to efficiently and effectively groom your pet? Most pet owners regardless of the love they have for their pets do not know this. It is not because they do not care; it is simply that they are not professional dog groomers. Our professional staff have years of experience and have the expertise to do just that for you.

We are here for you and your dog and he or she will love you for it!